Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I just created this blog. I'm always the type to blog about something. It could be about random crap to how I'm feeling. I'm hoping for this to be great a success and if you don't seem to think so then fuck off. K? Anyway! A little bit about me I'm almost pushing 30 I'm from Texas and I'm a licensed massage therapist. No I'm not one of those that give happy endings or whatever. Those kind of therapists give all of us a bad name and we have to keep on fighting to keep reminding to those we don't do that. Its merely for therapeutic purposes. Let me break it down to those who don't get what I mean. Its for people that need to relax from a long work week like tensed up or if they are in pain such as sciatic pain. If you don't know what sciatic pain is google it. It will give the definition of it. Well that pretty much sums up of who I am and what I do. BTW I'm also very blunt as well. If you don't like the fact that I'm blunt and have a mind of my own such as post what I'm feeling or venting about crap. Then get the fuck out! I don't need people that don't like to hear how it is or whatever. That's why its called freedom of speech. I'll probably blog more. Who knows! Take it easy! 



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